5 signs you need couple counselling

October 7th, 2015

Couple or relationship counselling helps people to work through difficulties they may be facing together. Sometimes people see a relationship therapist on their own to start, so it is important to note that there is no right or wrong way to approach healing your relationship.


What are 5 signs you need couple counselling?


  1. You are arguing about small things regularly
  2. One or both of you feel suffocated or controlled
  3. You can’t see any way around your problems
  4. It’s make or break time
  5. You are not having or want to have sex



You are arguing about small things regularly

Couples counseling is often considered a last resort for people who are close to separating or divorcing. However, in the same way healthy people exercise and eat well, healthy relationships are fostered from time spent working on them. Great partnerships are built on regular communication, so if you are arguing about trivial things often, it might be worth investing in some time communicating with a couples counsellor.


One or both of you feel suffocated or controlled

We all try to control things and people around us at different times. However, when one partner dominates or intimidates their partner, it’s time to seek help. Couples often come to counseling when there are signs of physical abuse, but it’s worth noting that emotional and verbal abuse can be just as damaging. In addition to this being an issue in a couple, it is also an issue in any other type of relationship – parental, sibling, friendship or otherwise.


You can’t see any way around your problems

When you feel like you have tried everything to address your relationship problems, it can feel like a waste of time talking about it to someone else. Most times, however, a couple counsellor will help you to approach your relationship, and any issues you may have, differently. It might seem like a brave step for you, but what do you have to lose?


It’s make or break time

You’ve decided enough is enough. For many people, it’s surprising to hear that many couples visit a relationship counsellor to end their relationship. Whether or not you have decided to part, being close to breaking up can be handled with grace and compassion when you have the help of a couples’ counsellor. So if you feel your relationship has ended, or if it is at the end and you are desperate to save it, talking in couple counselling can help.


You are not having or want to have sex

This is also surprisingly common. Sex is often a communication issue, but is also often the most difficult thing to talk about. Sharing your personal and sex life can seem intimidating, but a couple counsellor is trained to handle even the most awkward or difficult topics. You can feel assured that they will have heard and counselled people on an issue that’s the same or similar to yours, too. Taking the step to discuss how you feel and sharing a healthy sex life is important to healing any relationship.


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