Anger Management

April 23rd, 2015

Why do I feel angry?

Anger management

Anger management is a familiar concept and often talked about, but most people don’t realise that anger is actually designed to help protect us.

This may sound strange, as it’s not an enjoyable emotion to feel. However, anger helps us get what we need. It comes from our flight or fight response and can be a healthy contribution to our well-being because it can help us to rid ourselves of tension.

For most people, anger comes from feeling threatened or frustrated, powerless or insulted.

For everyone, how you deal with your anger is important. Counselling for anger management can help.

We all feel angry – some of us from feel it from time to time and some of us more frequently. It depends on your past experiences, how you were brought up to manage anger and your own unique triggers for feeling anger.

However, anger can also upset people we love, prompt us to act in ways we will later regret and lead to physical or emotional harm.

Sometimes, people are not aware they have an issue with anger or managing their anger. It often brings denial.

Getting to the bottom of your anger source is a journey. Because it’s one of the most powerful emotions we feel, it’s often difficult to understand why you feel it. Anger can stem from any number of events or reasons. It may be from a violent childhood, or rejection as a child. It can even be from grief or depression.

To understand why you feel angry, anger management counselling helps by exploring your personal experiences and needs, uncovering your trigger points. Speaking with an anger management counsellor will help start the process.

If you are unsure of why you feel angry, or are concerned about being angry, contact us and ask for help for counselling for anger.

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