Breakup Counselling – How do you know when you need it?

February 20th, 2024

Breakup counselling

Breakup Counselling – How do you know when you need it?

Relationship breakups come in many shapes and forms – from a divorce that has been on the cards for years, to a sudden separation that you never saw coming, to being ghosted by the person you thought was “the one” on Tinder.

Regardless of the relationship’s length, status, or if you were the instigator of the split or not, breakups are never easy.

In fact, nine times out of ten, they really bloody hurt.

So where does breakup counselling come in? And how do you know if you need it?

Signs that you might benefit from breakup counselling

Here at The Therapy Room, we speak to a lot of people who are seeking help to cope with the emotional turbulence of a breakup.

Our clients come to us with all manner of issues relating to the breakup but if you recognise some of the signs below in yourself, chances are you could benefit from breakup counselling:

Persistent and overwhelming emotional distress

Feeling sad after a breakup is natural. But if time has passed and it’s still the first thing you think about when you wake up and the last thing on your mind before you go to bed, you might want to consider breakup counselling.

If the pain of the breakup seems insurmountable, is interfering with your daily life, work, sleep, or relationships with friends and family, breakup counselling can provide a supportive space to process and manage these intense emotions.

Inability to move forward

By moving forward, we’re not suggesting forgetting your ex-partner in an instant, going on strings of dates, or jumping straight into a new relationship.

Being unable to move forward involves being stuck in a cycle of rumination, continuously dwelling on the past, or being unable to envision a future without your ex-partner.

If this sounds like you, breakup counselling can be instrumental in breaking free from the rut you find yourself in.

Unhealthy coping mechanisms

Drowning your sorrows in alcohol may seem like a good idea at the time, but you won’t thank yourself the morning after.

We completely understand wanting to numb the pain and there’s no judgement whatsoever if you come to us for some help with unhealthy coping mechanisms – whether that’s alcohol, substance abuse, or reckless behaviour.

What breakup counselling can do in place of these things is find sustainable solutions for your feelings of sadness instead of temporary ones.

A significant loss of self-esteem and self-worth

Breakups can sometimes leave people questioning their value and identity.

Breakup counselling can help you rebuild your self-esteem, fostering a positive self-image and assisting you in rediscovering your individual worth.

How to access breakup counselling

Trust us when we say that breakup counselling really does help and that we’ve seen so many people come through our doors with breakup issues that have been able to move forward with new-found feelings of clarity, happiness and resilience.

If you are unsure about seeing a therapist, contact The Therapy Room for an initial chat. This will allow you to talk freely and openly about the issues you are experiencing and allows us to recommend a course of action.

Let’s get you back to good.

Founder Jay L Pink Ad.Prof.Dip MBACP PC MNCS (ACC) established The Therapy Room to offer high quality, expert counselling and therapy services to people of all ages, as well as to couples for relationship and partner counselling and groups for corporate and family therapy. Jay’s commitment to anyone visiting The Therapy Room is to unconditionally respect values, lifestyle, background and beliefs, offering a discreet and professional service tailored to their needs.

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