Careers after Covid

April 11th, 2022
careers after the pandemic

Careers after the pandemic

Our work during the pandemic has perhaps been one of the most noticeable changes. Our daily routine and commute were suddenly interrupted, and we found ourselves getting ready for a day’s work on the sofa or at the kitchen table. The wonders of technology meant that we were able to stay in contact with our colleagues with ease, Zoom calls often becoming the medium of choice, but what affect has this lack of face-to-face contact had on our mental well-being and attitude towards work?

How are we feeling?

A workspace often provides us with a different environment in which to work to our full potential – we perhaps enter a more focussed, assertive mindset as we can separate home and work life. It offers routine and contact with the outside world, building relationships and social skills that give us a sense of purpose. This structure has been greatly affected by Covid, leaving a fairly destructive path of difficult emotions in its wake.

Possibly you are feeling stuck in your career, fearful of the future of your business. Perhaps you are aware of a change in your social and communication skills after such a long time without face-to-face contact, as well as altered relationships with colleagues and partnering businesses, and you might be unsure how to regain these skills. Maybe you are experiencing one of the biggest side effects brought about by the pandemic – social anxiety – and could be wary of returning to a public workspace or dreading having to run meetings and presentations.

The pandemic has brought with it an abundance of confusing and scary emotions surrounding our careers. At the Therapy Room we are aware of this great upheaval and want to work with you to help you regain focus and confidence in your work life.

New ways of working

Humans are creatures of habit and comfort, we like to feel safe, and we don’t often like change. After finally adjusting to a life working from home, it may bring up some feelings of resentment at suddenly having to return to a public workspace and uproot yourself once again. This is to be expected and it is important to notice these feelings in ourselves as they arise. Change is challenging but often for the best and can be an opportunity to have a fresh start in certain areas of our work.

Looking at things from a different angle often makes for a more interesting view. What if we started seeing these changes and new ways of working as fun or as exciting challenges to better the future of our careers.

As children we spend so much time deciding what we want to be when we grow up, but when we finally get there we often lose the excitement and vigour we once felt at the thought of our chosen career, getting frustrated and bored and stuck. Inner child work, particularly when it comes to careers, can be extremely beneficial, and can often help turn fear into fun and jadedness into joy.

How the Therapy Room can help

Clients who choose to work with the Therapy Room will be guided to talk about how they have felt during the pandemic in relation to their work life; what the challenges have been, how they feel about themselves in their job, what their hopes are for the future. Our work is such a vital part of who we are and what we contribute to the world, and at the Therapy Room we feel passionately about getting you back to a place where you feel hopeful, enthusiastic, and optimistic about the work you have done and the work you have yet to do.


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