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Talking therapy is often complemented by walking therapy

Sometimes getting outside in the fresh air and walking as you talk can really help a conversation to flow. It’s the same for therapy.

In a mental health survey by charity Mind, 71% of people said they felt less depressed and tense after a ‘green walk’. 90% said their self-esteem increased after a country walk.


At The Therapy Room, we offer a range of individual and group setting ecotherapy techniques, including:

• Walk and talk • 4x4 adventure therapy • Park meet and greet

Because being connected to nature and being outside helps people feel better, many report that it’s easier to talk about feelings, thoughts and experiences.

If you want a different kind of therapy, it might help to get outside for some adventure. Especially ideal if you work in an office or are inside most of the day, some fresh country air can really help. At The Therapy Room, we are always looking for new and better ways to help.

Why it might be easier to walk and talk

  • Physical movement eases your nerves
  • Fresh air encourages clear thinking
  • Seeing the beauty of nature can be uplifting

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What’s 4x4 adventure therapy?

Organise a pick up in a Land Rover Defender and go for a walk out in the wilds of nature for something different. While it requires a little extra time and investment, the feeling of getting out for some adventure is worth it.

How does a park meet and greet work?

Meeting somewhere closer to you can make life easier when scheduling counselling in Northampton and surrounds. Maybe you are juggling kids and work, or a busy schedule. We are happy to come to you. A great option for group therapy, it’s a great way for teams to come together too.