Online Relationships Part 2: 3 ways relationships are affected negatively by technology

October 20th, 2021
finding love online can be negatively affected by technology

Finding love online – 3 ways relationships are affected negatively by technology

Whether you find yourself arguing with your partner over excessive phone use or you feel the need to spy on your partner’s social media activity, technology can become massive problem in relationships. It is natural to have time to do your own things and viewing or accessing social media is now a prominent part of that time. This can cause jealousy due to desiring more time to spend with that person or being watchful of their online actions

Here are 3 ways relationships are negatively affected by technology:

  1. Being absent on a date
  2. Higher depressive tendencies
  3. Becoming obsessive over your partner’s online content

Being absent on a date

When eating out a restaurant it is very common to see couples on dates, glued to their phone screens. Even though this time has been specifically placed for an intimate conversation and exchange, couples become distracted and little conversation may ensue. This creates a disconnected and poorly communicated balance between two in a relationship, which can lead to frequent arguments and disagreements. Although technology is now a big part of our lives, it is vital when an occasion has been allocated to connect with your partner, you make time for them. Being distracted can make your partner feel angry and upset, feeling as If you do not want to make precious time for them. Put your phone down and be engaged.

Higher depressive tendencies

It is scientifically proven that prolonged periods spent on phones, and specifically social media causes a higher risk of depression. It decreases your wellbeing and can make you feel a little lost from your sense of self. In a relationship dealing with depressive moods can be difficult and can take a toll on connection. When you lose a sense of self it can be difficult to accept yourself for who you are and therefore accepting your partner will become even more of a challenge. So limit the time you spend on social media, and increase socialising offline.

Becoming obsessive over your partner’s online content

You may find yourself very conscious of what your partner posts, their interactions with other posts and how they present your relationship online. It is normal to have a certain degree of interest, but if you find yourself becoming obsessive over this- by checking everything they post or interact with online, there is a problem. Jealousy is a consumptive feeling and it can signify that you may have trust issues within your relationship. With the increased use of sexting and the high amount of sexually explicit content online, the worry for cheating can feel increased. Be honest and open with your partner. Tell them if you have worries about what they access online and talk about how it can make you feel. Do not try to investigate secretly because this means you are just as in the wrong. Don’t forget the importance of your offline connection.

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