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Our therapeutic approach is based on the understanding that people are complex and lead complicated lives. It may be that you require a shorter term solution to an issue, or it may be you are considering longer-term, on-going therapy. Tailored to your personal needs, The Therapy Room in Northamptonshire makes a commitment to structuring and working for you as an individual.

Called Integral Psychotherapy, this approach embraces a combination of methods for a complete view of your development. It’s about considering your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual self, as well as the social and cultural impact of your world and lifestyle.

How does it work?

The first step after you contact us (whether by phone or email) will be a brief telephone conversation with a therapist. This is so you can raise any questions or concerns and share a little about your situation. Each and every telephone call is conducted in strict confidence. If you feel uncomfortable with a telephone conversation, please express this on an email to us and we can organise your initial consultation without a call.

Your first session will give you the chance to talk freely in a calm, quiet and completely confidential environment.

Following this, you can choose whether to continue your session. It’s designed to give you freedom of choice and to ensure you are comfortable talking with your therapist.

Also, you’ll be advised of a recommended pattern of meetings, or if another therapist would be best for you.

How often do I need treatment?

We usually suggest a one-hour session once a week to begin with. It’s best you find a day and time that is easy to attend, that fits into your life. How often you come to see your therapist may change later. Most importantly, you choose when and how often your sessions take place.

The next few sessions may include an exploration of your early life to help understand problematic or limiting ways of thinking and behaving with the ultimate goal of achieving greater self-acceptance. This is likely to be part of longer-term therapy, which for some will remain open-ended until it feels as if some resolution has been reached. For those seeking short-term therapy, lasting for around 6-12 sessions, a more solution-focused, structured approach will be appropriate, incorporating specific tasks and homework between sessions.

During your first few sessions, your therapist will discuss the length of therapy that’s appropriate for you and ask you what it is you hope to achieve from therapy. Using the Integral Psychotherapy approach, which is designed to support your growth and change, this form of counselling includes Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Systemic and Constellations approaches, Existential and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, as well as Gestalt.

Session fees

The Therapy Room charges individuals the same amount for face-to-face or online sessions. For a session of 50-60 minutes, £70 is payable Online, PayPal or cash before each meeting.

Couples counselling is held at The Therapy Room in Northampton. A safe, calm and balanced environment where couples can take time together, couples therapy can restore a healthy loving relationship. For a session of 50-60 minutes per couple, £85.00 is payable at the end of the session. 80-90 minute sessions are also available at £110.00 per couple.

Telephone or Skype counselling is also available for £70 per hour in advance by Bacs Online.

These fees do not apply to clients referred by an organisation or Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). The Therapy Room reserves the right to charge for sessions cancelled less than 24 hours before, as well as the right to end your therapy should two sessions in a row be cancelled.

Cancellations within 48 working hours will be charged at full session cost. Regardless of the timing of cancellation, any two consecutive cancellations (those in a row or unattended) will also be charged at full cost. Initial consultations are non-refundable. There are no exceptions to this cancellation policy.

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