Where’s the ‘us’ after Covid?

April 11th, 2022
lockdown relationships and relationships during the pandemic

Relationships during the pandemic

Relationships have been put to the ultimate test during the pandemic. Couples suddenly found themselves in close quarters for an extended amount of time, unsure of when both sides would be able to regain their individual lives again, which pre-covid offered healthy time apart from their significant other.

There will have been many different types of relationships facing the unknown during lockdown: perhaps a new relationship that was suddenly forced to find its feet, a long-standing partnership that received some wear and tear as human idiosyncrasies became more prevalent in the confined living space, or maybe a relationship that was on the rocks before Covid even reared its head, and that had to find a way to endure through the uncertainty. There could also have been the added strain of newborns or young children being at home, with limited access to school or activities, creating the perfect breeding ground for Covid cabin fever.

Looking forward, we can strive to recognise where our relationships have suffered and how we want to proceed with bettering them. It is to be expected that difficulties and frustrations will have crept in during these stressful times, however it is important to work through these emotions in a healthy way.

Here at the Therapy Room, we aim to support relationships by providing a safe, non-judgemental space in which to explore an open conversation about the tricky parts of love, whilst also acknowledging each side of the partnership as individuals.

What needs to change now we are out of Covid?

Communication is KEY. Unfortunately, human beings are not mind readers and, particularly during times of heightened stress or anxiety, it can be difficult to communicate our needs and wants coherently. A breakdown in communication is like a crumbling foundation of a house, the walls cannot stay standing if this vital building block has not been properly maintained.

Recognising where your relationship is at and what everyone is needing and wanting is the first step to mending and strengthening your partnership. Listening to one another, being honest about how you have felt during the pandemic, what you have found difficult and how you want to proceed are all brilliant questions to ask one another, and which can be discussed and explored further in a therapy session environment.

How can therapy help?

It can be very hard to see a way through when our relationships have suffered but remember that there is always hope. It is very common for us to focus solely on the negative – ‘this is where we went wrong’, ‘I didn’t do this’, ‘why did this happen?’ etc – and while acknowledging these things is a core part of working through relationship issues, it is also important to recognise the fact that many relationships, despite facing great difficulties during the pandemic, have in fact made it out the other side, and now wish to seek help in fixing the cracks that began to show. It is often found that relationships that ensure hardship, once worked on and processed, become fortified and stronger in the long term.

At the Therapy Room we understand that the pandemic has been an extremely trying time for relationships. We recognise that there may have been a great deal of anger, fear and confusion, and that each member of the relationship will have unmet needs and wants that will need to be discussed. Our hope for you is that, through regular sessions, you will feel able to talk through the difficulties openly and honestly you as a couple have faced and get your relationship back to a place of trust and solidarity.


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