Relationships Part 1. What are the difficulties that relationships face?

February 17th, 2017
relationship conflict

Relationship conflict can unsettle the strongest of partnerships.

Relationships are a fundamental part of our everyday lives. They provide us with love, support and help to maintain our health and happiness. However, relationships aren’t always easy and require work, commitment and compromise. At times you may also need a little help from relationship or couples counselling.

There are many difficulties that can affect our ability to maintain a healthy relationship. The stresses of everyday life such as finances, family, employment, children and your sex-life can all, if left unaddressed, negatively impact your relationship. The conflict that these difficulties often cause can build resentment and further stress.

Other issues such as differences in parenting choices including chronic, mental or terminal illness, death, loss or trauma, political, cultural or lifestyle discrepancies and jealousy, infidelity or a controlling partner can also make a relationship feel like it might be just too much effort.

In addition, there can be other deep-rooted stressors, which may have been dormant until a trigger in the new relationship provokes a reaction. Partners often bring issues from previous relationships or their childhood, including intimacy issues that can lead to emotional distance or detachment.

Often an inability to resolve the conflict can stem from lack of trust, poor communication and low self-esteem. Suddenly your relationship may feel like it is filled with challenge instead of romance. If any of these factors are affecting one or both partners, a relationship may find itself faltering. Speaking with a relationship or couples counsellor can help you to recognise your difficulties and start to address them. Contact us today for more information.