Relationships Part 3. Can a family therapist help resolve my relationship difficulties?

March 5th, 2017
family therapist

Family therapist, counsellor, therapist – whatever you want to call it, it really works to help resolve difficulties you may be experiencing.

Whether you are seeking support to maintain a healthy relationship or need guidance because you fear your relationship issues have become unmanageable, couples or marriage counselling can help you.

There is a range of options to help you resolve your issues. You may wish to consider individual counselling for one or both partners. This can help you to address issues from the past that are affecting your relationship, before beginning couple’s therapy. If other family members have also been distressed by the problems you have encountered, you may wish to consider family therapy too.

Whatever route you decide to take, your relationship counsellor will help guide you through an exploration of what went wrong and how to fix it. Without taking sides or giving their opinions, your therapist will be able to offer you impartial advice and set targets for you both to help to regain trust and mutual respect. They will help you to develop your ability to communicate effectively with one another and focus on being aware of each other’s needs as well as the importance of compromise.

Relationship counsellors are trained to deal with the often-challenging dynamics that couples can present and their unbiased voice can often be an excellent way to gain perspective and reconnect in a caring and supportive relationship. Throughout the course of your couple’s counselling you will have the opportunity to discover the triggers for your problems. This means you can deal with them before they escalate and you may also find that you develop as an individual as a result.

Whether the support of a family therapist gives you the strength to overcome your problems as a couple or to decide that this relationship is not for you, you will have to tools to deal with the issues faced by all couples and to have a healthy relationship.