Stress & Anxiety Part 2. When do stress and anxiety become a problem?

February 18th, 2015

As long as you have a coping strategy for periods of stress and anxiety, and can switch off when you need to, they can have a positive influence on your life. Stress and anxiety motivate us to be the best that we can be and help us to maintain focus. But when you no longer feel that you are coping and that stress and anxiety are reoccurring and overwhelming you, it is time to recognise that you have a problem.

We all tell ourselves that things will get better and that we are coping but stress and anxiety have a nasty way of creeping into everyday life and settling down without you realising. Left unchecked, stress and anxiety lead to bigger problems such as mental health issues, alcohol or substance abuse, social anxiety, a decreased desire for intimacy and poor health.

Have you been sleeping poorly lately? Has your appetite changed? Are you losing your temper with your family, friends or colleagues? Have you stopped enjoying life?

These are all indications that stress and anxiety have taken over and that you might find the support of a stress and anxiety counsellor helpful. Stress and anxiety do not need to have a detrimental impact on your everyday life.

If you feel that you are being adversely affected by any of the issues above, call us today to discuss getting help with counselling for stress and anxiety.