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Support for your professional career

At The Therapy Room in Northampton, you can access confidential, experienced supervision to guide your counselling career, and find personal support and challenge to strengthen the services you provide.

We work to the strict ethics and regulations of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and the National Counselling Society (NCS). Jay Pink, supervisor, is registered with both governing bodies and believes in ongoing training, academic learning and supervision for his own career and expertise.

Jay’s supervisory approach is personal, direct and challenging – designed to get the most out of you and your capability. By supporting you through the challenges of your professional working life, Jay seeks to ready you for any scenario.

Using integrated experiences from his own work, The Therapy Room’s modalities include CBT, TA, Gestalt, Psychodynamic and Existential.

What is supervision and why should I have it?

Governing bodies such as the BACP state that counsellors must attend regular supervision to work ethically – this is because it helps to have an external view on your work. By reviewing and being able to reason and justify your approach to counselling and coaching, you keep providing good practice to your clients.

It also helps you to cope. It’s not easy counselling and coaching people, and as humans we are all triggered by things that come up in sessions. If this happens, The Therapy Room may suggest you access your own therapy too.

Often ethical dilemmas come up. Being able to assess your approach and view of the situation comes from a third party, someone external to the situation. We highly recommend supervision to make the most of your communication and engagement as a therapist, counsellor or coach.

What clients say about Jay

"I have been working with Jay for a number of years and he has been an invaluable source of support and guidance for my work. He is able to quickly understand my clients' issues, explore my therapeutic approach and plans, and consider the best ways to work in order overcome any challenges I might be facing.

Sessions are always fruitful and provide me with additional insight into my clients' issues, along with any potential transference and counter-transference and how this is affecting both my work and the relationship with my clients. Jay is really approachable and genuine and has a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw on, and I have undoubtedly become a better therapist as a result of my sessions of supervision with him. If you are looking for a new supervisor, I would highly recommend contacting Jay."