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At some point, we all suffer from concerns or troubles that may inhibit our happiness. Therapy involves understanding the reason or reasons you may be unhappy or struggling with things. You deserve to live the life you want, to feel good.

You may be feeling daunted about visiting a therapist or counsellor. You may be feeling worried or intimidated about talking to someone you don’t know, or to open up about how you feel.

By sharing how other people have experienced therapy and counselling with The Therapy Room, we hope to show you how therapy helped them, and how it may help you too. Your needs for therapy will be unique to you, however it may help you to know that other people understand what’s it like to feel nervous about therapy and how they feel now.

When I first came to see Jay I was suffering with anxiety after several problems in my life had come to a head. Jay helped me to explore and untangle the route of these problems, leading to some surprising realisations, and then helped me to replace my unhealthy thinking habits with more helpful ones. During therapy we touched on all major areas of my life and all the while I felt listened to and understood.

Thanks to Jay I now have better coping skills, more self-awareness and the confidence I need to get where I want to go in life.

My experience with Jay at The Therapy Room has impacted positively on every aspect of my life. My relationships with family and friends are improved, my work life has benefitted greatly and I have found peace of mind and happiness. It does not come easy every day, maintenance is still required, but through Jay’s guidance I now have the tools. Thank you Jay, I am eternally grateful!

I came to a point in my life where anxiety had taken full control and was pulling me down until I hit rock bottom. When I first met Jay I was confused and apprehensive about getting better. After a few sessions I felt that I had already improved and he helped me to realise that it wasn’t necessarily the most noticeable things in my life that caused my anxiety and so Jay helped me understand what I was doing wrong and how to put it right. I am now in a happy place, thanks to Jay.

We had virtually given up trying to repair our marriage then we found Jay. The Therapy Room was our third attempt in the Northampton area to find a therapist that could handle the complex issues in our relationship. He managed to help us understand each other better than we had in the whole 18 years we had been married! It wasn’t always easy and often Jay challenged us, and with care, helped us challenge each other, and ourselves. There are lots of therapists in Northampton, but in our experience Jay is the only one we would recommend.

I was very reluctant to admit I needed to see a counsellor but after my first visit to Jay, I knew I’d made the right decision.

After my first session, Jay made me feel at ease, allowing me to speak freely without any judgement and through my own speech and the occasional remark from Jay it made me think rationally for the first time in many months.

Jay has a natural ability to make you feel at ease, each session flew by and after each visit, my confidence, attitude and self belief escalated to an all time high and quite frankly I now know I have a bright and healthy future a head of me. Thanks Jay for helping me to nd the path of peace, contentment and happiness.

I truly can’t believe how far I’ve come, I do not recognise the person who first went to see Jay. Jay has a fabulous manner and makes you feel so at ease when first meeting him. I had never been to therapy before and if I’m honest I was scared of how I felt as a person. Jay helped me to address my issues and most importantly opened my eyes to how I can help myself. I would thoroughly recommend Jay as a therapist and am very grateful to him for all his help.